If you were under the impression that forex was the name of a popular Australian lager, man, do we have some work to do here! Moreover, if you have no real idea of what forex is but are still keen to attempt to earn some money in this industry, hang fire for now and do plenty of research first.

Forex stands for foreign exchange. This is how the exchange rates vary between two currency pairs. This might be between GBP (the UK pound) and USD (United States dollar), for example. These rates change from day-to-day and the key to becoming successful in [forex trade] will be your ability to identify the ways in which these rates are going to move.

If you were to undertake a comprehensive training course, you would be taught how to analyse this. This could be through evaluating charts that map out the way in which the currency pair has behaved over a period of time. It may also involve monitoring economic factors that are likely to have an impact on these movements.

The forex industry is easily one of the biggest in the entire world – in fact, it is worth billions of pounds each and every day. There are certainly many people within this business that are making a fortune through forex, but ostensibly, more money lose their fortune here, rather than make it.

You may already have had dealings in forex when you purchased currency to take on holiday with you. Perhaps you were astute enough at the time to realise the fact that you should shop around for the highest rate, so that you would have more money to spend during your time away. Well now, the forex industry works along similar lines, but on a more complex scale. Learning how best to work in this business beforehand will always prove to be your very best way forward.